You're different

But we also know that some situations are similar, whatever the industry or business. We believe that all problems, by definition, can be solved. We own the problem. We sweat the problem. We don't stop until the problem is solved. Good thing we love what we do.

We're different

We're a group of independent thinkers with decades of experience developing strategies and managing restructurings. We're a team of insiders, experts in various fields, with deep experience in a wide range of industries. We use common sense, commercial know-how and clear leadership to develop a strategy, plot a course and execute it. Our company is independent by design. We don't have conflicts of interest, or an alternate agenda. We're creative and non-traditional, while respecting the importance of credibility and proper commercial etiquette (it's a long road). And we share another old-fashioned value: success matters.

We see the big picture

Your business is an integrated system, and we believe that restructuring it involves more than just finance. It begins with a commercial premise, which may include a distinctive brand strategy and product development. We understand the importance of balanced commercial relationships, including negotiations with lenders and other stakeholders, finance (of course)...and, most of all, people.

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